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In today's rapidly changing environment, precise and timely intelligence is more important than ever. At Knightsbridge Research, that is precisely the intelligence we deliver. We take best practices and technology from the agency, military, and commercial sectors and tailor them to meet the unique and demanding needs of private business owners, corporate executives, government agencies, policymakers, and non-profit directors alike.

Our highly-trained analysts and cutting-edge technologies provide the intelligence insight you need to make critical business decisions, operate safely, manage risk, and mitigate loss. We provide customized and precisely tailored intelligence solutions to give you the advanced insight and the comprehensive situational awareness you need to make timely and informed executive decisions.

Whether operating in an increasingly turbulent environment, conducting high-risk operations, or running critical and dynamic logistics, we provide the insight you need to operate securely.

Knightsbridge Research. See the Storm. Be Prepared.

Global Hotspot Report

The Knightsbridge Global Hotspot Report is our premiere, proprietary OSINT monitoring and reporting service. We now provide high-quality access to the same professional intelligence insight used by leading think tanks, policy influencers, media outlets, and global security experts to inform their decision-making and analysis.

The Global Hotspot Report helps decision makers stay on top of breaking world events and provides the trusted and verified reporting required to confidently inform opinions, decisions, and actions.

Knightsbridge intelligence analysts constantly monitor and process content from hundreds of vetted and proven global sources. Our expanding network of intelligence collection professionals brings you daily actionable information.

Additional subscriber levels give you greater access to our resources, including our Global Hotspot Briefing, unique requests for insight, and other 1:1 interactions with the team.


Daily OSINT updates and analysis delivered to you in one of multiple channels.


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* = The Weekly call is one hour long on Monday at 4pm eastern, and is available to subscribers as a recording for 4 weeks afterwards.

All plans include discounts on training, AAR reports, and other bonus materials provided in an ongoing fashion (dependent upon team activity).

Reporters and other media professionals may qualify for a discounted plan. Please contact us to learn more.